Founder of the gallery.
Nature, mankind and the connection to the source are my starting points. I add whatever is needed and remove whatever is superfluous. I play with mirth, femininity, freedom, mystery, wonder and the power of colour.

Portrait painting on demand
When I paint a portrait, I first get to know the person and their spirit. This can be either through conversation or through energy work. Even if the person is deceased, I use my refined sensitivity to contact the person and add a message while painting.

Portraits on demand | Landscapes and nature


Joris Gaymans is a Dutch sculptor, artist and philosopher. Joris creates a near-death experience from the pure essence of being. This process means that his sculptures reflect silence and serenity. The smooth finish of his sculptures, his use of patinas and his personal style in general serve to emphasise the beauty and purity of the essence that is present in silence.

He tries to hold back his own thoughts, feelings and wishes as much as possible, so that he does not interpret the intuition but, instead it fills him.

Joris: “Art and living in the present are inseparably connected. Art can only arise in this living, present moment.”


GALERIJ 8 works closely with Studio Berengo from Venice.

Adriano Berengo is known for his exclusive Venetian glass sculptures by prominent artists such as Jaume Plensa, Jan De Vliegher, Laurent Reypens, Thomas Libertiny, Koen Van Mechelen and Tony Cragg. Studio Berengo entered the Venice Biennal in Palazzo Franchetti with Glasstress 2015. Opal glass sculptures by Studio Berengo are permanently on display in our collection.


The Spanish artist Jaume Plensa characterises the sacred, pure and elegant in his work, particularly when working in glass. “Anna and Awilda” from the Together collection (Venice Biennal 2015) can be viewed in Galerij 8. These female heads connect to a higher energy and transcend duality.


The Belgian artist Laurent Reypens brings mystery and tranquillity to his work in his pure bowls. He is a master of simplicity. His glass sculpture is made from opal and playfully sparkles in the light.

“The secret of his painting is contained in a bowl although no one ever will see or discover what it is. The bowl is tuned towards the interior of the painting, leaving its contents to our imagination.”


The Belgian artist Jan De Vliegher, who was born in Bruges, creates figurative works using rapid brush strokes. He is a master in colour. The energy spatters onto the canvas and brings peace to the space. Jan De Vlieger was my tutor at the Knokke art academy. Together with Adriano Berengo he has created splendid plates from opal glass.


The artist Thomas Libertiny, who was born in Slovakia, brings sentimentality to his work. He studies the geometrical forms from nature and innovative technology. His sympathy for the extinction of bees prompted him to create a master work in golden yellow glass dodecahedrons “The Sentinel” which was on display at the 2015 Venice Biennal and can now be seen at Galerij 8.