About duality and infinity

GALERIJ 8, located on the Belgian coast in Knokke-Heist is an art gallery with a special touch of inspiration by Kristel Van den Eynden.

Galerij 8 symbolises the lemniscatic way of thinking and acting, the duality of the finite and the infinite. The inspiration of art often transcends this duality.

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A woman in her power seeks meaning and connection from trust and surrender to the process in the here and now.
Everything has divine timing.
Through meditation, attunement, esotericism, feeling exercises, focusing on your inner knowing, I guide you to the inner worlds and self-love while painting.
What does your soul tell you?
What is magnetism?
What is a creation field? And how do we open it?
What is your zone of genius?
How do chakra wheels work?
How does self-healing work?
How to go more into surrender and trust?
What are you gaining weight from?
What feeds you?
Where is your boundary to stay close to yourself? The challenge in these times.
The biggest change we can make in this world starts from within.

  • Start Painting from your soul: 'The woman in you in her power'
  • Dates: Mondays 12/2, 11/3, 22/4, 20/5, 17/6/2024
  • From 11-17h
  • Address: Gallery 8, Van Bunnenlaan 57, 8300 Knokke-Heist
  • Tel: 0479/656226
  • Equipment provided (bring your own cloth or other carrier) 75€/day (375€/track)
  • Your registration is confirmed upon payment of the correct amount into the following account number: BE 5100 1659 491 962 stating: Painting from your soul
  • Reserve your spot in time. There is room for 10 people.

Subscribe: info@galerij8.be 


A game for more meaning, more creativity, more spirituality and esotericism

Let yourself be magically guided through a walking route and game that will take you into an inner experience.
By making contact with mirrors and examining your thoughts, you will be guided inwards via nature, art and creativity.

It is food for the soul and connection to the source.
A here and now experience.
A soul journey.

  • Start of walk at Gallery8 OR Tourist Office Knokke-Heist
  • The walking game can also be individual or group can be followed by appointment.
  • Also possible to organise on location.

From now on available online, in Gallery8 and at the Tourist Office Knokke-Heist

Oracle card game and book.
"Mythical Animal Archetypes"

Kristel Van den Eynden
Let yourself be guided in a magical way!

The "Mythical animal archetypes" oracle card deck is an energetic card deck, with original paintings with the animal as a metaphor. It works on deeper layers in your energy system. It opens, makes things visible, makes you feel and heal, embraces and increases your trust in yourself in this renewing transformational time.
The card deck and game promotes your physical, emotional, mental, relational and spiritual immunity.
Enjoy this process and come more and more into full presence with your unique being. A gift for young and old!

Out of Love, Kristel