About duality and infinity

GALERIJ 8, located on the Belgian coast in Knokke-Heist is an art gallery with a special touch of inspiration by Kristel Van den Eynden.

Galerij 8 symbolises the lemniscatic way of thinking and acting, the duality of the finite and the infinite. The inspiration of art often transcends this duality.

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Current exhibition

"Mythical animal archetypes"

44 original paintings with the animal as a metaphor

Running until 30 April 2022

Only by appointment

Peacock dancing, Kristel Van den Eynden (oil on canvas)

Available now online and in Gallery8

Oracle card game and book.
"Mythical Animal Archetypes"

Kristel Van den Eynden
Let yourself be guided in a magical way!

The “Mythical Animal Archetypes” oracle card game and book was created in a silence period 2020-2021. It is an energetic card deck with 44 original paintings with the animal as a metaphor. They work on deeper layers in your energetic system. It opens, makes things visible, heals the inner child, embraces and makes you aware in this new transformative time.

Surrender to a flow and increasingly come into full presence and confidence with your unique being and soul connection.
A nice gift to yourself and others.


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