Art Coaching


As a creative coach, I give intuitive painting workshops to adults, young people and children.

You learn to paint from your source by making contact with your inner world. By connecting, painting with feeling and expressing what is going on inside yourself, you allow the experience to take place. There will be room for new insights.

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"The process is more important than the end product. Anthony Moore

Light circles

During these meetings, we meditate, learn to work with our intuitive abilities, our creative brain and our subtle energy bodies.

Art and music are being practised.
There will be guest speakers with various themes that contribute to the expansion of consciousness.

The purpose of these meetings is to create space... space to connect, to connect with the essence... the essence of our true being.

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Workshops for adults and children

The path Kristel followed, as a person and as an artist, also helps her to guide others. Her studio in Knokke is therefore also a welcoming workplace for others, both adults and children. Through meditative exercises, Kristel helps her students to overcome blockades and to let their intuition speak. Sometimes inspiration is hidden under many layers of ratio and worries. Because of her loving, liberating approach you end up in the now moment and enjoy the creative flow. Completely in silence, at your own pace, you learn to be without judgement and to listen to your own heart, your own gut feeling. Every emotion is valuable and allowed.
Every creation has its value. Kristel's workshops are a gift to yourself, a wonderful exercise in de-stressing, a place where you can find shelter from the rat race and come closer to your vulnerable yet powerful core.

by Annelies A. Vanbelle (Art Journalist)