Wise Women | Knokke-Heist

On this International Women's Day Annie Vandenbussche and Kristel Van den Eynden are happy to welcome you to the exhibition "Wijze Vrouwen | Knokke-Heist".

13 women from Knokke-Heist, drawn and painted, who inspire, carry a message, tell a life story, share a passion and beauty. They connect, share, touch, feel and form a unity in the whole.

We would like to take you into an atmosphere and image of a primal feminine energy.

Programme, Saturday 11/11/17 at 15h00

Paintings : Annie Vandenbussche and Kristel Van den Eynden
Bronze, "Lady" : Joris Gaymans

15:00: reception
15:15: opening by mayor Count Leopold Lippens and alderman for tourism Anthony Wittesaele
- Create an atmosphere with text "The history of women rewritten" by Marleen Scevenels and harp music by Els Coopman
- Reception and guided tour
18:00: end

The exhibition runs until 31/03/18.
Open every Saturday from 14h to 18h.
Location: Gallery8, Knokke-Heist


" Tenderness connects people. "
Annie Vandenbussche

"A face without freckles is a sky without stars.
Betty Willems-Vandecasteele

Kristel Van den Eynden
Annie Vandenbussche