Original hiking game

Let yourself be magically guided through a walking route and game that will take you into an inner experience.
By making contact with mirrors and examining your thoughts,
you will be led inwards via nature, art and creativity.

It is food for the soul and connection to the source.
A here and now experience.
A soul journey.

PROGRAMME 20 & 27 June

2 pm: Start at Gallery 8, pick up walking route and assignments. This can be done on foot or by bike.
18:00: End of the walk in Gallery 8.
18:30: Presentation "Mythical animal archetypes"
Exhibition and presentation book and oracle card game
Grand Prize: A personal painting of your power animal!
Bring a smartphone (some assignments are creative with a camera), biros and walking shoes.

The walking game can also be followed individually or in groups by appointment.
Also possible to organise on location.