“De Kunst van het Creëren”
program 2018 – 2019

Every form of art is a fantastic tool to be focused and to come into a flow.

  • Where does creation come from?
  • What added value does meditation and silence bring into your creative process?
  • What is the power of your intention and imagination?
  • What lives deeply in you?


From silence to inspiration,
to co-creation!


Dates :

wednesday : 10u30 – 17u00
2018 : 19/09, 17/10, 14/11, 12/12
2019 : 09/01, 20/02, 27/03, 24/04, 15/05
95 € / session (material included)
855 € for the whole course (material included)
account:  BE51 0016 5949 1962
max. 8 people

saturday : every saturday afternoon from 14u00 – 18u00 (young people and adults)
85 € / session (material included)
pre-registration is mandatory

group exhibition : Saturday, June 17, 2019

Van Bunnenlaan 57, 8300 Knokke-Heist
Kristel Van den Eynden, Tel.: 0479 65 62 26,



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Art coaching course for children and young people and/or their parents.

“My child is my mirror.”

What is Art-coaching ?

Art coaching consists of workshops that deepen the connection between parent and child and sometimes restore this through energy work and painting. Each child and each young person mirrors something of his or her parent. These patterns can go back 7 generations…

It allows patterns to be healed and anxieties to be overcome. We can gain insights into who we are and what we are doing here, search for our chosen course of study, and so forth. Each of us has a spiritual blueprint. These can be revealed through meditative painting and opening the chakras. That is the “light” that we carry within us to further open others.

You do not need to be able to paint at all to do this, together with your child or individually.
Deceased people can be painted and a message may appear during this process.

I work in Galerij8, the inverted lemniscate, and I think and act like the lemniscate.
You can transcend this duality by integrating and embracing both poles.
During the sessions, you will enter a dialogue with these poles to find understanding and equilibrium.
In the art of painting, this translates into colours, lines, areas, images, light, dark…stillness and movement.

It is process of awareness.

artcoaching kristel van den eynden