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  • Wijze Vrouwen” | Kristel Van den Eynden, Annie Vandenbussche (November 11 2017)
  • Blueprints” | Kristel Van den Eynden (spring 2018)
  • Stilteconcerten” | with Steven Vrancken (spring 2018)

Current exhibitions

Exhibition Joris Gaymans
“De naakte waarheid”

june 3, 2017 > sept 1, 2017

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Joris Gaymans, ‘Met Geheven Hand’, Bronze, 47x34x6 (cm)

Joris Gaymans is a Dutch sculptor, artist and philosopher. Joris creates a near-death experience from the pure essence of being. This process means that his sculptures reflect silence and serenity. The smooth finish of his sculptures, his use of patinas and his personal style in general serve to emphasise the beauty and purity of the essence that is present in silence.

He tries to hold back his own thoughts, feelings and wishes as much as possible, so that he does not interpret the intuition but, instead it fills him.

Joris: “Art and living in the present are inseparably connected. Art can only arise in this living, present moment.”

Resonancia | Kristel Van den Eynden

The art works Resonancia arose from an inner experience. They resonate with what may be elevated. Each piece of art comprises an opening, a doorway, a liberation…. to detach from our societal conceptual framework. Solutions come about in another dimension, regardless of the form as we perceive it.

It’s about the joy of the inner child, the magic, the playfulness, and the wonder… What can be felt is more actively present than what is visible. The all-over compositions create space. The spectrum of colours reflect sensitivity, the loose brushstrokes create freedom, joy, connection. These paintings, oil on canvas, are the result of previous deep meditative work, accompanied by the music of intuitive pianist Steven Vrancken.

Kristel Van den Eynden studied drawing and painting at the Art Academy of Knokke-Heist, under the teachers Jan de Vliegher, Robin Vermeersch, Inge d’Hulster and Wendy Vandermaes.

Resonancia, oil on canvas
140 x 100 cm

Resonancia, oil on canvas
140 x 100 cm

Previous exhibitions

Footprints of Africa | Silent Photography
by Marc Agten
Namibië, 2016

Opening : saturday 1, October, 14.00 – 18.00
Exhibition : October 1, 2016 – June 3, 2017

Marc Agten, a lawyer who lives in Knokke, makes us look at everything in a different light with his series of artistic still life photos of landscapes. He plays with silence and movement, zooms in and keeps a distance, observes natural phenomena and reflects the constantly changing light.

Details fade into the space and create a sense of infinity.
The all-over compositions depict a tangible ambience.

The aesthetically desolate landscape and its elements of sand, air and water appear to be static, yet they are constantly brought into subtle and slow motion by the wind.

ART Nocturne, Galerij8 | stand 38 | Scharpoord.

Opening: vrijdag 05/08 (Nacht van het Zoute)
Tentoonstelling: Van zaterdag 06/08 t.e.m. maandag 15/08, van 16u – 21u.

Kristel Van den Eynden
Jan De Vliegher
Jaume Plensa


Kristel Van den Eynden
Annie Vandenbussche
Jacqueline van Langevelde

In samenwerking met Coin Fleuri

Opening and flowershow:
Zaterdag 14 mei 2016, 14u – 18u

De tentoonstelling loopt tot en met vrijdag 5 augustus 2016.


Kristel Van den Eynden

Zaterdag 5 maart 2016
14u – 18u

De tentoonstelling loopt tot zaterdag 30 april 2016.


11 december 2015: Opening Galerij8 | Cocktail vernissage

In aanwezigheid van de kunstenaars:

  • Jaume Plensa
  • Jan De Vliegher
  • Laurent Reypens
  • Thomas Libertiny
  • Wim Van Aalst

12/13 december 2015 tot 5 maart 2016

(foto: Marc Agten)

Glaswerk Studio Berengo blijft permanent in onze collectie.